Britain has become a nation of weak cowards who are hypersensitive and scared to say anything. Lying through fear is now considered normal – we have allowed hysterical twits to control how everything is done while our people limp towards rivers of blood. Where are the men who will tell the truth? Where are the men who will stand up and fight? National Action believes this country needs a kick in the head -  a good slap so we can get it together. Fresh perspective through a fiery youth culture is the only thing that will reanimate society. We need Nationalism TODAY!

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“The emergence of National Action, its undisguised racism and declared alignment with fascist movements in Greece and elsewhere, is an alarming development…There have been very few instances of far-right activism on university campuses but that seems to be changing.”

                                                                                      – Sam Westrop, Director of Stand for Peace

“National Action uses evocative, professional-quality graphics, focusing on brutally racist, emotional and symbolic imagery of violent struggle, accompanied by carefully crafted, concise, ideology-centred textual messages and memorable slogans… this material can have a fundamentally different effect on young, often socially-isolated, predominantly male-youths who have already accepted the racist and violent premises of extreme nationalism. It can provide a perverse identity-giving discourse of perceived empowerment, superiority, meaning, elitism, and ‘coolness’; A discourse that drives them into becoming activists rather than merely keyboard sympathisers or online trolls.”

                                                                                       – Colin Cortbus, Huffington Post

“I worry about them because they have much more going for them than the BNP or National Front could ever produce, touring universities and education establishments.”

                                                                                      – Gerry Gable, Editor of Searchlight Magazine


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19/06/14 Renegade Broadcasting interview.

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What do we do? We are a direct action organisation with the aim of raising awareness to the myriad of problems that threaten the very existence of our nation. The final aim being to ferment a social revolution in Britain, returning ownership of this country to its legitimate sons and daughters.

To achieve this we will need young men and women of calibre in our ranks. Previous generations have failed to break the chains that constrain this nation – it will be the task of this generation to smash what weighs us down, otherwise we will sink. As it stands, ours will be the last in a position capable of freeing our people. If this generation fails, we are finished. That is the reality of our predicament.

For precisely these reasons, we have set ourselves the task of fighting back. Whether it be in rebuilding the community or in highlighting the bankruptcy of the current political order, everything we do is driven by the sole imperative, that our people must live once again.

What do we believe in? Simple: Britain for the British. This country being returned to those who can rightfully call themselves British. Those whose ancestors built this country, whose blood now flows through their veins.

We stand for the wellbeing of this country, this is our guiding moral principle. Everything else is secondary. Whether it be in ending capitalist exploitation, stopping the undermining of our industry by cheap imports, halting immigration – whatever. We stick to our principles and accept all the implications therein.

What do we want from you? We want you to make a stand. To get up from behind the computer screen and start being part of it.

The word Liberal is interchangeable with coward. What do the two have in common? They are always scared – especially of those who dislike them. The only weapon they have against us is supposed threats – intolerant, racist, sexist, xenophobe, homophobe – though all compliments, actually.

What we ask is that you become the opposite of these creatures. Become strong men and women. The very opposite of those who run the world today. The political class, the academics, the journalists, the writers; the lawyers, the doctors, the accountants; and whatever else counts as ‘polite society’. We ask you to become what they detest and tear their world apart, crush every value they hold dear. Destroy the plastic world they have created. Then we win.

Become involved in National Action and join the fight for our National Freedom!