National Action is officially the premiere nationalist group on earth.
Andrew Anglin, Daily Stormer
Their views are so extreme and utterly noxious that they make the BNP look like Amnesty International.
Joe Anderson, Mayor of Liverpool
National Action are highly organised ... They’re not looking to attract thickos who just want a fight. They want thinkers who are prepared to die for National Socialism.
Gerry Gable, Searchlight
National Action uses evocative, professional-quality graphics, focusing on brutally racist, emotional and symbolic imagery of violent struggle
Colin Cortbus, Huffington Post
The emergence of National Action, its undisguised racism and declared alignment with fascist movements in Greece and elsewhere, is an alarming development
Sam Westrop, Director of Stand for Peace
I would like to see prosecutions, this stuff should not be allowed to proliferate on the internet
John Mann, MP Bassetlaw

Vilified by the media and hated by this sick world, National Action is a growing community of young Nationalists in the United Kingdom, united in a mission to save our race and generation. We are a group who are tired of seeing injustice; our people exploited and abused, our women raped and murdered, society crumble, our nation dying. We were tired of all resistance to this being crushed, the right wing kicked around, people imprisoned for speaking their mind – so we struck out, we took a stand against the corrupt system to lay the foundations of a real change. We carry out demonstrations, publicity stunts, and other activities in order to grow and spread our message, that of National Socialism. If you are seeing this website for the first time it is probably because you have read or seen our activities.

We now have active groups in every region of the country and to supporters in key areas we offer social and physical activities in addition to friendship and the chance to act on your beliefs.

If you are young and you feel strongly about the issues that are facing our people you should take a look at our material and contact our group – you will not regret it. Alternatively consider donating to our organisation.

Never let yourself down, never say that you are not strong enough, that you are not ready enough, because you are not alone, because we are fighting the same battle and together we are power; power of will, power of oppressed, humiliated, forgotten people, but we shall fight and we will win!